I-eeee… am an artist! Plain and simple… (or simple and plain but I prefer the prior 😉 ) Not the type of artist that makes wild proclamations about themselves all because they hunger for attention and praise. Not the type that holds themselves up on their high horse because they believe themselves the greatest gift to mankind. Not the type that defines themselves by grandiose, abstraction and extremism.

I am the artist who strives to always view the world as through the eyes of a child. To behold the beauty everything from the smallest detail to the largest, grandest, most complex things known to man, and relish it. The type who shares beauty and wonder in any and every form that expresses these thoughts and feelings best.

I think if anything, that summarizes and sums up myself. This blog was made to share my artwork, in whatever form that may be, so that all may enjoy. Therefore I hope you enjoy what I present to you here just as much as I enjoy making it.

Thanks for visiting!


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